Is your new project ready for a software developer yet? If not; we offer planning services to turn your idea into something actionable.

How we Do It

Our consulting services are all about planning your application to save you development dollars.

  • Requirements: You'll start by teaching us about your business and explaining your current processes. Do things need to change? What is the impact? We'll determine it during this step.
  • Wireframe: We'll document the solution by creating mock-ups of the finished application. These contain detailed instructions a software developer will need to build your application.
  • Prototype: From the wireframe, we can build a proof of concept of your new application. This will allow you to experience the flow of the application as if it were real and evaluate how it will operate within your business.
  • Application Development: With a wireframe or prototype complete, we can offer a full budget and timeline for creating your new application. Read more about our Application Development process.

Are you ready?

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